Breath of the Dead


588 Chapters
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588 Chapters · 37 Readers
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Author:Yu Min

Novel Summary

When he took office as a necromancer, Gu Xi found that he encountered a small problem. What would it be like to be thrown into prison by a sap? In order not to become the first useless player to die before completing his job, Gu Xi chose to save himself! As a result, a powerful man who would be known as the Breath of the Dead in the future embarked on his legendary path. ---------------- The style of heroic invincibility includes farming, city building, and fighting. The author is absolutely guaranteed in terms of heroic invincibility, unlimited flow, and imagination. The imagination of each unit is powerful and the updates are stable. Please support me a lot.


TitleBreath of the Dead
Raw Title亡灵之息
Addition DateSeptember 17, 2023
AuthorYu Min
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Monthly Rank#354
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TagsFarming,Game Elements,Leadership,Necromancer,Unlimited Flow,Virtual Reality