The Witcher: My backyard leads to London


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410 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Traveling through the Wizarding World Due to an injury, Ricardo had no hope of promotion in the Gray Mist Towers of the wizarding organization, so he decided to return to his hometown of Knight Continent. He originally wanted to spend the rest of his life here, but the golden finger awakened, allowing him to travel to another world, and that otherworld is rich in resources but wizards The level is lower. In that other world, there is London, Honeysel Magic University, Wizards Association, Clock Tower, Owls, and modern living conditions... The golden finger is called the Evil Flower of the Two Realms, which can help you travel between the two realms, absorb evil thoughts from other worlds, activate the language of devouring flowers, and gain the talent of flower language. The work is a fantasy wizard crossing two worlds, and it is not the same person.


  • The Witcher: My backyard leads to London
  • 巫师:我的后院通伦敦
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