Return to the small fishing village of 1982


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1064 Chapters · 47 Readers
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[This is a daily novel about a seaside person going to the mountains and the sea! There is no pretense, just leisurely hiking up the mountains and going to the sea! Period stories, daily life, going to sea, farming, raising children, the parents are short-sighted, don't join if you don't like it, don't spray! 】 Ye Yaodong just couldn't sleep and wanted to go to the deck to enjoy the breeze and pee. Unexpectedly, he fell into the sea and returned to 1982. It was still the familiar small fishing village, but he was no longer the same person he had been when he was young. After half a lifetime of being a fool, he wanted to live a good life this time, but why didn't he believe anyone... He had no future in his previous life, and he has no big ideals or ambitions in this life. He just wants to redeem his regrets, live a good life with his wife, and have a safe and happy family.


  • Return to the small fishing village of 1982
  • 重回1982小渔村
Addition DateSeptember 19, 2023
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