Pirate Bloody Hand Mary


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485 Chapters · 22 Readers
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What happens when one person wants to be both a symbol of evil and a navy of good? Our dear Mary faces this conundrum. As a marine, the more brutal and evil you are, the stronger you become. However, once you are kicked out of the Navy, you will lose all your power! And the Navy still has to uphold justice! How in the world could there be such a brain hemorrhage system? Mary was helpless and jumped wildly between black and white. "Go to hell, you bastards." "Protect the civilians and leave these people to me." "Sinners don't have to waste food and feed it to the sea kings." "Necessary killing is the price of survival!" "You just need to shut up, look up to me, and die." "I am justice!" Since then, a navy in black has stepped onto the stage of history. From then on, the most brutal general in history stirred up the storm of history!


  • Pirate Bloody Hand Mary
  • 海贼之血手玛丽
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