Become a Cartoonist System


314 Chapters
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314 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Bao Lan Hai Yang

Novel Summary

The otaku protagonist travels to Meng Meizi He Quan Sagiri, and finds that Marvel and the King of Blood are popular in the comics industry today. Except for Marvel, it is the kingly way. There is no previous life fire animation such as Eromanga, Lelouch, Fate, Demon Forbidden, and Spirit of the Halberd. When the protagonist yells that there is no cute manga, the system comes to teach full painting skills and open the god-level manga library! “The animation of this world, I will save it!” Sagiri picked up the hand-painted board and started the road of cartoonist… (fan group: 458550220)


TitleBecome a Cartoonist System
Raw Title变身漫画家系统
Addition DateMay 21, 2023
AuthorBao Lan Hai Yang
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Monthly Rank#3973
All Time Rank#4526
TagsFanfiction,Female Protagonist,Male to Female,Otaku,Parallel Worlds,System,Transmigration,Writers