Chinese students at Hogwarts


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500 Chapters · 20 Readers
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(Keywords: original work, respect the original work setting. Fans of the original work can enter, but those who want to watch it for fun or are funny should be careful) What kind of sparks will come out of the collision of Taoism and magic? Does Voldemort's Horcrux have another secret? Was it wrong to ask Neville to learn swordsmanship? Zhang Xiao, who was reborn as a Chinese-American in London, never thought that his parents who set up a fortune-telling stall would actually know Taoism, nor did he expect that one day he would receive an admission notice to Hogwarts. Ps: I refuse to criticize and praise others, and I hope that this book can complete the world of Harry Potter, rather than defeat Voldemort and defeat the wizarding world with one move of sword control. Ps2: Daofa is set to a level slightly higher than that in Uncle Jiu's movie, and the power level is not outrageous. It focuses more on setting than strength. If you want to see Daofa set foot on the West and defeat Voldemort, please take a detour. It’s more similar to the feeling of Jiu Shu Taoist + Qi Men Dun Jia.


  • Chinese students at Hogwarts
  • 在霍格沃兹的中国留学生
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