The God of Ice and Fire at Hogwarts


338 Chapters
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338 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Zhi Hui Xiao Bai Hu

Novel Summary

Lynn, who was sacrificed on the scene of the fire, traveled to the magical world of Harry Potter, and unexpectedly awakened the power to control flames. Is this the magic deep in the blood, or is it a gift from fate to his good deeds in the previous life? ! In Hogwarts, he met Irina, a girl who awakened the power to control the ice, and they were like-minded, and they were bound to open up a new path for the wizarding world. The combined power of flame and ice will kill all powerful enemies with the power of ice and fire. Lynn: "I laugh at Dumbledore's lack of plans and Voldemort's lack of wisdom! The contact between the magical world and the ordinary world is inevitable. Since you and I are unwilling to perish in silence, then we will explode while everything is still under control! " Irina: "If wizards are tigers, then ordinary people are like packs of wolves. No one of them can become someone else's vassal. Only cooperation can win-win!" In the information age, there will be nothing to hide in the wizarding world, and someone must stand up and correct it before everything is irreversible! Everyone talks about the Dark Lord and the White Demon King, but if the devil is above the devil, then they are the strongest ice and fire demons in this magical world! (No system, a small amount of secondary settings, single heroine, original heroine, overall sweet) (The pace of the book is slow in the early stage, 40 chapters enter the main line, please read patiently, author for three years, internal investment contract, quality assurance)


TitleThe God of Ice and Fire at Hogwarts
Raw Title霍格沃茨的冰火魔神
Addition DateSeptember 11, 2023
AuthorZhi Hui Xiao Bai Hu
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TagsElemental Magic,Fanfiction,Magic,Magic Beasts,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Wizards,Harry Potter