My strength increases by 100 pounds every day


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353 Chapters · 54 Readers
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Jiang Shi traveled through time and entered the last years of a dynasty where rebellions were everywhere, evil spirits were raging, and ordinary people's lives were precarious. Fortunately, he awakened a talent and gained 100 pounds of strength every day. In this way, he lived diligently and spent his days. Even if he didn't understand the method of cultivation, his own strength was increasing sharply every day. Three years later. Jiang Shi looked at the supreme swordsman in front of him who was flying through the air with a sword in his hands. He picked up a small stone and threw it away like a shooting star, knocking it down on the spot. "That's it? That's it? And you say you're a master? You can't even withstand a pebble from me." Jiang Shi said.


  • My strength increases by 100 pounds every day
  • 我的力气每天增加一百斤
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