Comprehensive comics, this god is a bit disdainful


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291 Chapters · 18 Readers
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I have just traveled to the original god, and I have a golden finger. I want to succeed the rock god, and also come with a well-behaved and obedient secretary Gan Yu? Just when Zhong Rui was about to say that it has never been such a wonderful start, the necessary system for time travelers has officially awakened! 【Ding! Life Simulator is always at your service! 】 【Ding! The dimensional chat group is now open for you! 】 【Ding! Self-discipline makes you stronger. The system is loaded! 】 [The life selection system has awakened! The host is asked to make a choice within thirty seconds, give up the choice, and erase it immediately! 】 Zhong Rui:? The next second, he took out the body of the life selection system and held it in the palm of his hand. Zhong Rui: Say it again? (Smile) Life selection system:? ? ? Bribing fools to deceive the Queen of Winter, causing the largest and most evil Shura field in the history of the Fire Chaser, exploiting the natives of another world with Kazuma, taking the miserable boss to sunbathe, etc... Celebrate! He is a god who combines the power of many systems into one, transcends time and space, and knows the past and the future!


  • Comprehensive comics, this god is a bit disdainful
  • 综漫,这个神明有点屑(全本)
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