Shadow Trails in Azeroth


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2013 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Shuai Quan Fu Lan Ke

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A hardcore player traveled through World of Warcraft and became Jaina's biological brother. Now we are also princes. For the sake of family survival, should I break my sister's legs first to prevent her from becoming a parricide beast in the future? etc? Why do you have to die first when you come here? Let me see the strategy. Well, first touch your forehead to open the character panel, Then he picked up his weapon and opened the orc's head. If the equipment drops, you will make a profit. If you don’t have it, don’t be sad. Wash your hands and go find the next one... Okay, no more joking, let’s get serious and start telling this story again: Death is a key to a new life. Blake Shaw holds the player template, can fight monsters and upgrade, has a career system, and is making great progress. Tie the night as a cloak, hold the shadow as a sharp blade, sharpen your claws with killing, and feed your ambition with fear. From the Storm Kingdom to Orgrimmar, his evil deeds are unknown to everyone. His infamy is known to everyone from Icecrown to Pandaria. When the black-clothed emperor emerged from the shadow, the whole world trembled. This is the story about this man, starting with Khaz Modan six years into the Dark Portal... (The new books "My Player is So Fierce" and "Trail of Dawn in the American Comic World" have been uploaded. Welcome to read them~)


TitleShadow Trails in Azeroth
Raw Title艾泽拉斯阴影轨迹
Addition DateOctober 12, 2023
AuthorShuai Quan Fu Lan Ke
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TagsGame Elements,Male Protagonist,MMORPG,Thieves,Transmigration