I Have a 100% Burst Rate in Online Games网游之我有100%爆率

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1226 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Feng Yan Ta Po

Novel Summary

In 2066, an epoch-making online game-“World Domination”, planned and developed by hundreds of countries in the Blue Star World and the United Nations. After logging into the game, Ye Yang found out that he actually had a game. A special talent: absolute chance! Absolute chance: You will be absolutely successful no matter how low the chance of the challenge is, you don’t need to worry about the so-called chance, and do it boldly! Effect: All chances are locked at 100%! Kill any monster, Ye Yang can get 100% of all the items on the monster! All lucky draws are to get the best equipment and props! The best equipment! Brilliant gems! Strengthening is absolutely successful! Chances… In front of Ye Yang, it became an absolute success!


TitleI Have a 100% Burst Rate in Online Games
Raw Title网游之我有100%爆率
AuthorFeng Yan Ta Po
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Cheats,Game Elements,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Lucky Protagonist,MMORPG,Nationalism,Overpowered Protagonist,Strong to Stronger,Transmigration,Virtual Reality,Male Protagonist