I give the world destruction and rebirth


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895 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Qian Zhi Mo Yi

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When the first metahumans appeared, people thought it was a miracle; When the first metahuman criminals appeared, it was thought to be the beginning of turmoil; When superhumans account for 0.42% of the total population, everyone realizes that this will be a revolution and the existing order will be subverted. When the first player possessing superhuman consciousness appeared, the world realized that this was an unprecedented natural disaster... The fourth natural disaster The AFK author is back, with a high order of 12,000 for old books, and 2,900 for each, and his character is guaranteed (ah, I know, I have been waiting for a new book for a year, but I am talking about the character in terms of updates, so you should listen carefully~ )


TitleI give the world destruction and rebirth
Raw Title我给予世界毁灭与新生
Addition DateOctober 14, 2023
AuthorQian Zhi Mo Yi
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All Time Rank#4564
TagsCalm Protagonist,Futuristic Setting,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities