Let Me Game in Peace我只想安静地打游戏

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1917 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Shi Er Yi Hei An Chi Tian Shi

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1 drop of blood = 1-Up Other people game overnight, I game overnight and bleed. Ever since the dimensional storms descended upon Earth, numerous dimensional zones have appeared, bringing with them all kinds of dimensional creatures—Immortals, Buddhas, Devils, Angels, Elves, etc. Yet, all these strange dimensional zones can turn into dungeon instances on my phone. Other people risk their lives adventuring, I spend all my time gaming. Monsters drop dimensional crystals that boost stats, imbue new skills, and join me as Companion Beasts. These Companion Beasts fight alongside me or alone, augmenting me with their skills and strength. Rare monsters in real life? I’ll just restart the game with a drop of blood to grind it. I really need a blood transfusion.


TitleLet Me Game in Peace
Raw Title我只想安静地打游戏
Addition DateFebruary 6, 2022
AuthorShi Er Yi Hei An Chi Tian Shi
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TagsAbsent Parents,Academy,Adapted to Manhua,Anti-social Protagonist,Apathetic Protagonist,Army,Beast Companions,Beasts,Calm Protagonist,Cautious Protagonist,Cheats,Comedic Undertone,Cultivation,Dense Protagonist,Depictions of Cruelty,Dungeons,Fantasy Creatures,Fast Cultivation,Game Elements,Gamers,Genius Protagonist,Hard-Working Protagonist,Hidden Abilities,Lucky Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Modern Day,Money Grubber,Mutated Creatures,Poor Protagonist,Post-apocalyptic,Quirky Characters,Schemes And Conspiracies,Special Abilities,System,Time Skip,Underestimated Protagonist,Weak to Strong,Wealthy Characters