Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband


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2757 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Su Su Su Ru Yi

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Subei would not have thought that if he temporarily arrested a “driver” to get married, it turned out to be Lu Heting, the head of the dignified Lu Group. After marriage, she took her twins to work earnestly to support the family. What does it matter if the husband is a driver? Her name as the queen of the entertainment industry is not for nothing, and the man she chose can afford it! Until one day, she saw the most mysterious and expensive man in the entertainment industry wearing the same wedding ring as herself. Only then did she know that her wedding ring turned out to be a limited edition worth over 100 million! Master Lu lowered his eyes and chuckled, “What a coincidence, we still have twin sons of the same style.”


TitleHidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband
Raw Title隐婚,天降巨富老公!
Addition DateSeptember 8, 2022
AuthorSu Su Su Ru Yi
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Business Management,Childcare,Cross-dressing,Fated Lovers,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Lovers Reunited,Models,Showbiz,Terminal Illness,Twins,Weak to Strong