Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality


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1002 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Tian Ji Ji

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The poor group played Xia Mint, and she became the hidden married wife of the chief executive in the novel, a cannon fodder who was despised by everyone after she finally left her home. But when she woke up, she saw herself with an ant waist, slender legs and a jade-like face, and the resume of her cold-faced husband Luo Tianlin-a handsome figure with a poster worth tens of billions + walking. She immediately screamed: she can! [Bind the heartthrob system. ] [Won the eyes of ten people. Reward: lotus every step of the way. ] Soon after, everyone discovered that Luo Tianlin, a cold-faced boss who had never brought his wife to public occasions, returned home on time every day and showed his affection publicly on weekends. Assistant: “President, Miss Biao cried and said that you want you to take her home.” Luo Tianlin: “Throw her out, I want to go out with my wife to see Aurora.” Assistant: “President, the two little flowers are arguing about changing jobs.” Luo Tianlin: “It’s blocked! Don’t miss me and my wife watching the penguin.” The villains were all crying. After Xia Mint became a hot box office movie with a bunch of fans, she still firmly covered the vest of her wealthy wife and insisted on the approachable route. Assistant: “President, my wife is going to join the crew, and I told you to play it by yourself.” Luo Tianlin: “…Does she know that she is about to give birth?” The villains regretted not when they dug out the vest of Xia Mint’s wealthy wife.


TitleHitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality
Raw Title满级绿茶在豪门乘风破浪
Addition DateSeptember 19, 2022
AuthorTian Ji Ji
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