Film and TV: Obtain Alpha Dog at the beginning


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698 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Shui Jing Gu Lao Rou

Novel Summary

After accidentally activating the film and television world system, Qin Hao continues to travel through the film and television world. You get Alpha Dog at the beginning, which has powerful computing power and memory. The key is that the knowledge and skills learned in different film and television worlds can be perfectly inherited. Qin Hao thus started a brilliant and wonderful life. Ode to Joy (Completed) Chess Soul (Completed) Everything is good (completed) Do you know? Do you know? It should be green, fat, red and thin (completed) Golden Years (Completed) The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family (Completed) Go where the wind blows (completed) Only Thirty (Completed) Elite Lawyer (Completed) Big Era (Completed) Children of the Qiao Family (Completed) The Grandmaster (ongoing)


TitleFilm and TV: Obtain Alpha Dog at the beginning
Raw Title影视:开局获得阿尔法狗
Addition DateOctober 25, 2023
AuthorShui Jing Gu Lao Rou
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TagsBased on a Movie,Based on a TV Show,Male Protagonist,Movies,System,World Hopping