This director only makes bad movies


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669 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Sheng Ba Li Jian

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"Director Xu Nan, may I ask why you always make bad movies?" "I solemnly remind you that I have never made a bad movie." "Spider-Man" starring Mimi is so bad, is it still considered a bad movie? "It doesn't count." "The Starring Man starring Shi Shi aroused boycotts from all the little lions." "That means they don't understand appreciation." "Liu Yifei's upcoming film "Dragon Mother" has been designated as the worst movie of this year by the Golden Broom Awards." "Slander, it's all slander. You guys just can't bear to see me making money. By the way, the movie "Sweeping Alliance" co-starring Mimi, Shi Shi, and Liu Yifei is about to be produced. Please don't miss it."


TitleThis director only makes bad movies
Raw Title这个导演只拍烂片
Addition DateOctober 30, 2023
AuthorSheng Ba Li Jian
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