It's reasonable for me, a stuntman, to live a crazy life, right?


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402 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Ming Ye Leng Yue

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After being rejected by sixteen film crews in succession, Chen Fei sat at the entrance of Hengdian Film and Television City and fell into deep thought. Before coming to Hengdian, the old man once told him that as a stuntman, as long as he has unique skills and dares to fight hard, he will definitely not have to worry about running out of films. But after constantly hitting the wall, he discovered that in this era where looks and connections are valued, the effect of a handsome face and a good father is actually far greater than "having unique skills" and "dare to fight and fight hard" . But what does Chen Fei have? He is handsome, but he doesn’t have a good father! Should he be allowed to imitate those female extras and ask for godfathers everywhere? His path doesn’t “work” either! However, just when he was at the end of his rope, the "Extreme Rehabilitation" system was suddenly activated! (PS: Having unique skills is not a skill, fancy skills are the way to go.) Chen Fei was immediately overjoyed, thinking that his spring had finally arrived! However, just when the system began to issue novice tasks, he was suddenly dumbfounded! [Challenge mission: (Complete Ozaki's eight items), difficulty factor 10 stars, complete the mission to get an SSS-level reward blind box] [Challenge mission: (Bungee jumping in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa), difficulty level 9 stars, complete to get SS-level reward blind box] [Challenge task: (Go to the house of a 300-pound female netizen who has been single for 33 years to do push-ups.) The difficulty level is 8 stars. If you complete it, you will get an S-level reward blind box] 【……】 At this moment, Chen Fei was completely angry! These tasks are just for labor and management to die, right? —— This book is also called "This actor is dying!" ", "It's okay to work hard, but don't torture yourself to death! 》


TitleIt's reasonable for me, a stuntman, to live a crazy life, right?
Raw Title我一个特技演员疯狂整活很合理吧
Addition DateNovember 1, 2023
AuthorMing Ye Leng Yue
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