Douluo: Soul skills are all increased, I am a one-punch angel


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235 Chapters · 72 Readers
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[Not joining the group, Wuhundian camp, but not supporting Bibi Dong, seizing power to be the pope by myself] He was reborn as the only grandson of the Golden Crocodile, but instead of inheriting the Golden Crocodile Emperor's martial spirit, he awakened the Seraphim instead? Just when Saga thought it was Qian Xunji's fault, he realized that it was inherited from one generation to the next. His mother's ancestors were originally from the Qian family. Awakening the Heavenly Law Realm, controlling oneself perfectly, modifying the fixed soul skills of the Angel Martial Soul, all the first few soul skills have been changed to all-attribute-amplifying soul skills! No need for soul skills, just kill the enemy with one punch! Win over the titled Douluo, sideline Bibi Dong, and revitalize the Spirit Hall! Cutting off Hu Xiancao, cultivating potential subordinates, and resurrecting A Yin and Xiao Wu's mother. In the soul master competition, Xiao Wu and Tang San looked at their opponents with a sense of familiarity and did not dare to make a move, but the opponent made ruthless moves... ....


  • Douluo: Soul skills are all increased, I am a one-punch angel
  • 斗罗:魂技全增幅,我为一拳天使
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