Hyperdimension Guild


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2107 Chapters · 20 Readers
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When you wake up, you will travel through the burrow to invade, and the world of high martial arts where cultivators are in charge! “Malaysian masters look down on the eight wastes! Achieved great masters and won the name of the first person in the middle age! Invincible!” “Qiao Gang master strikes again! Powerful, powerfully slaying the three emperors! Even if he is seriously ill, he still shows an invincible posture!” “Buffett’s God of War broke through once! Compete for the title of the first man in the world! Compete with Bill Gates, the first man of the last century, and do not fall behind!” Watching countless news, Su Han looked confused and felt very tired. Fortunately, I got a super-dimensional guild that connects the endless world. “Ding! Come and be my son, Tony is not the richest man, the fallen angel twelve-winged black cat, the old man is a marquis, and the Taoist real person Zhang Sanfeng has joined the super-dimensional guild.” Starting today, spoilers of all worlds giants, embark on an open life…


  • Hyperdimension Guild
  • 超次元公会
Addition DateFebruary 9, 2022
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TagsArrogant Characters,Chat Rooms,Contracts,Eye Powers,Interdimensional Travel,Maids,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Overpowered Protagonist,System