I am the younger brother of Superman, but I got the template of Thanos


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213 Chapters · 36 Readers
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Author:Zi Shu Hui Fei

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Batman: "You can't deny that your brother Superman attracted Zod. The battle between the two almost destroyed half of Metropolis. Countless people died in that disaster - just look at the list of victims that is enough to inundate people. What?" David: "He's adopted." The Flash: "Why don't you stand up and lead the heroes on the front line to protect the world like your brother." David: "I don't have the power he does." Wonder Woman: "You mean Superman was punched away by Darkseid, and you went up and beat the Dark Lord down with a set of military punches?" … Traveling through the DC world, David found that he had become the newborn son of Superman's adoptive parents, and received the Thanos template at birth. And as long as it affects the emotions of plot characters, it can accelerate the integration of templates and open new templates? Hyperion template - loading, Million Star Sentinels template - loading! Celestial Tribe Judge Alithem Template, Complete Phoenix Force Template, Golden Planet Devourer Template...


TitleI am the younger brother of Superman, but I got the template of Thanos
Raw Title超人弟弟的我,却获得了灭霸模板
Addition DateNovember 8, 2023
AuthorZi Shu Hui Fei
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