Can’t Take My Eyes Off You遥望行止

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4039 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Qing Feng Mo Wan

Novel Summary

(Sweet Pets) “Report to the Chief of the Army, it is rumored that we were sleeping together with one leg!” He looked up from the volume and slowly stood up: “How do you want me?” “Clarify that this is just a rumor…” He pressed her against the wall and blocked the mouth by the way: “Mrs. Lu, we have to take this rumor seriously.” Before rebirth, what she has been doing, stay away from him, away from him! After rebirth, what she always wanted to do, give him a monkey, a monkey! Lu Xingzhi pursued two regulations throughout his life: First, it is illegal to destroy military marriages. Second, Jiang Yaosheng is his man, and death is his soul.


TitleCan’t Take My Eyes Off You
Raw Title遥望行止
Addition DateSeptember 10, 2022
AuthorQing Feng Mo Wan
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TagsArranged Marriage,Female Protagonist,Magical Space,Medical Knowledge,Military,Obsessive Love,Reincarnation