Road to science and technology


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1025 Chapters · 26 Readers
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Nano core world: Yue Yuanzhou: "You can travel through time by just lowering your head and playing with your phone?!" "It's okay to wear it, but I won't give you a golden finger." "Okay, I'll make one myself." Transformers World: Cybertron is coming to Earth, and this is the end of mankind. Yue Yuanzhou was ecstatic: "Well done, this kind of 'ship' is just right for a low-key person like me!" Super God Universe: Yue Yuanzhou: The dark plane should not exist. I will destroy it and start the Ragnarok era. Degenerate Era Universe: A dark and sad journey. Trisolaran Universe: Welcome, the meeting gift package of light particle strike has been sent! At the beginning of the game, the Nano Core was used to suppress the ultimate move under one person, and it flew directly to the Transformers. From then on, he drove the transforming planet to travel between different universes, from the super seminary to the dark and desolate degenerate universe... New book "Voyage of the Stars"

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  • Road to science and technology
  • 诸天科技之路
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