The Fourth Scourge of Star Wars星球大战之第四天灾

1550 Chapters
23 Readers
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1550 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Jing Da Ren

Novel Summary

Take over a Homeworld mothership and travel to the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: “This world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.” Wait a minute, the mothership database actually has “Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, “Halo”, “EVE”, “StarCraft”, “Stellaris”? ? And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer? Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!” The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire!


TitleThe Fourth Scourge of Star Wars
Raw Title星球大战之第四天灾
Addition DateMay 13, 2022
AuthorJing Da Ren
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TagsAntihero Protagonist,Army Building,Cheats,Cosmic Wars,Dense Protagonist,Evil Protagonist,Fanfiction,Industrialization,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,Outer Space,Romantic Subplot,Serial Killers,Slow Growth at Start,Technological Gap,Wars