I build nuclear bombs in the giant world


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243 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Huo Long Guo Da Heng

Novel Summary

After dying and resurrecting, Ian found himself in the world of giants. He thought he was helpless, but unexpectedly found that he could connect to Asuka in his dream. On that day, a bold idea came to Ian's mind. If the genius girl Asuka taught him, wouldn't he be able to find a way to save Parady Island without the need for thunder? "It's decided, I want to overthrow the central government and build the Tsar Bomb!" "The roar of the earth cannot save Parady Island and the Eldians! We can only develop industry!" "Alan! Let the giants become the workforce! Let them work for us!" No one expected that when the beast giant Jike came to Parady Island, he would be greeted by aircraft, tanks and cannons. —— Unlimited writing, no system. Giant Connection Asuka (eva) eva connects with Lu Mingfei (Dragon clan) Dragon Connection Edward (Steel) Tentative ——


TitleI build nuclear bombs in the giant world
Raw Title我在巨人世界造核弹
Addition DateNovember 15, 2023
AuthorHuo Long Guo Da Heng
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TagsFantasy World,Industrialization,Leadership,Male Protagonist,Strategist,Transmigration,Unlimited Flow