Oreki Houtarou's Strength-First Classroom


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801 Chapters · 46 Readers
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Oreki was admitted to a highly educated high school and placed in Class A. With his keen sense, he quickly understood what was different about this school. Just when you feel troublesome, you wake up the system and you can get super power rewards by completing tasks. Teleportation can allow him to go home and fall in love at any time, and transparency can eliminate his sense of existence. This life seems good and very energy efficient. Then I got telepathy. Sakayanagi Yusu: This school is so boring, but Oreki-san is very interesting. You can [play] with him. Horikita Suzune: Oreki, who doesn’t study at all, got higher scores than me. Sure enough, I didn’t work hard enough! I studied for 16 hours today. Karuizawa Megumi: Houtarou, thank you for saving me when I was in junior high school. Please date me on the condition of marriage! Kushida Kikyo (regret): Clothes can’t retain fingerprints at all, so I just gave them away for free? ! (angry) "..." So you usually act serious, but in the end you are thinking about this?


  • Oreki Houtarou's Strength-First Classroom
  • 折木奉太郎的实力至上教室(全本)
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