American comics: I evolved into a superman on my own


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307 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Ren Jian Zheng Dao Shi Cang Sang

Novel Summary

Shen Fei traveled through the Marvel world and became a member of the Hydra Research Institute. Obtain the talent of the Master of Scientific Research and be able to gain insight into and understand the truth of all knowledge. The body possesses the power of the spirit of evolution and can absorb all power to enhance itself! The Super Soldier Serum was developed in the opening game, and that was just the beginning. Study the abilities of different extraordinary beings and organically combine them with yourself. I will use scientific research to bring the world of gods and heroes back to the Marvel world! Wolverine's healing factor? Wolverine, you've already done the dissection anyway, so it doesn't hurt to do it again! Super strength? Hulk, don't go! man of Steel? Heat vision? Becoming stronger by absorbing the sun? X-Men, stop! Finally, Shen Fei held the Infinity Stones, looked at Thanos and said with a smile: "I'm very interested in you Eternals!" (For the sake of the plot, it is not written entirely according to Marvel’s timeline. You also know how messy Marvel’s own timeline is.)


TitleAmerican comics: I evolved into a superman on my own
Raw Title美漫:我自主进化为大超
Addition DateNovember 19, 2023
AuthorRen Jian Zheng Dao Shi Cang Sang
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TagsEvolution,Heroes,Male Protagonist,Scientists,System,Transmigration,Marvel