What does Getu have to do with me? I only have a few words


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88 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Da San Gan

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Good news: I traveled through time, and I still have an entertainment system. Bad news: You need to bind a girl to activate. Good news: The binding was successful and a song sung by two people was rewarded. Bad news: Netizens think the song is vulgar and I can’t sing. Good news: I have just two words! The concert begins. Audience: This female singer is so big, why did she bring a bodyguard on stage? The end of the concert. Lin Zhixing put down the skewers in his hand and came to the stage to sing. Audience: Holy shit, the bodyguard sang! ! ! After traveling through time, Lin Zhixing prospered in the entertainment industry with the help of his outstanding partners, but he just wanted to stay calm. ——He chose to have five children with his partner! [Keywords: entertainment, love, single female protagonist, green plum falling from the sky, clever and refreshing writing. 】


TitleWhat does Getu have to do with me? I only have a few words
Raw Title歌土跟我有什么关系?我才几句词
Addition DateNovember 20, 2023
AuthorDa San Gan
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TagsCelebrities,Male Protagonist,Showbiz,Singers,System,Transmigration