Growing up as a male god: After listening to the advice, I became a top-notch guy


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459 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Chun Chun Fan Yu QD

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"Excuse me, how can I find a girlfriend under such conditions?" Coming from a parallel world and completely despairing of the new image, Li Youzhi sent such a question online. "Try it on the other side." "It is recommended to reincarnate again." "To lose weight, run ten kilometers every day, do a hundred push-ups, a hundred squats, and a hundred sit-ups." Looking at these comments, which were either pertinent or mocking, Li Youzhi took the first step to change. Several years later, when reporters asked Li Youzhi's fans how they felt about the title of "the most responsible fan on the Internet", the fans were on the verge of tears. "In the beginning, we just wanted to be fun people and make fools laugh. Who would have thought that he would actually implement all those outrageous suggestions, or even make them even more outrageous!?" Facing the praise from fans, Li Youzhi expressed modestly; "I actually don't have any merits. To be able to achieve what I am today is because I just listen to advice!"


TitleGrowing up as a male god: After listening to the advice, I became a top-notch guy
Raw Title养成系男神:听劝后,我成了顶流
Addition DateNovember 20, 2023
AuthorChun Chun Fan Yu QD
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TagsCelebrities,Male Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,Reincarnation,Special Abilities,System