The Dragon of Gluttony starts from the hell plane


423 Chapters
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423 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Can Yue Kuang Tu

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Belsi, who traveled to hell, realized that he had become an abyssal dragon. Carrying the [Blessing of Gluttony], he can only rely on constant eating to become stronger. The abyss demonic insect with the flavor of osmanthus honey, the eggshell with the flavor of peanut cake, and a slime that follows him to eat and drink... the story will also start from here. ——————————— I have experience in finishing many novels, and my grades are average, but I still insist on telling the story to the end, and my character is probably pretty reliable.


TitleThe Dragon of Gluttony starts from the hell plane
Raw Title暴食之龙从地狱位面开始
Addition DateDecember 10, 2023
AuthorCan Yue Kuang Tu
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TagsDragons,Male Protagonist,Reincarnated as a Monster,Reincarnation