This pastor is so righteous


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355 Chapters · 14 Readers
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I, Bai Bin, traveled to another world and activated an immature justice system. As long as you speak justice, you can gain justice points and increase your spell level! From then on, the first righteous (xu) righteous (wei) pastor in mainland China was born! "Lilith, although you are a succubus, have tattoos, and drink alcohol, I know you are a good girl." Lilith: Is this why you transformed me, a succubus, into a saint of light? "Weier, you are simple, lovely, rich, and have a prominent family background. You don't care about the disparity in status between us. What else can I say? For you, I would rather be bound by money, trapped in a mansion, and corrupted by wealth! " Wei'er: I'm short of money, dear, who am I if I'm rich? "Helen, what I like is the banshee king sitting high on the Siren Throne, not the little maid kneeling in front of me, massaging and beating her legs!" Helen: You just want to see me massage you in uniform! "Madam Lord, I just want to give Ting En a complete home!" Lord's wife: But we are sworn siblings, you can' least you shouldn't... "Your Majesty the Pope, you don't want your true identity to be known to others, right?" The Pope: My personal bishop, please calm down!


  • This pastor is so righteous
  • 这个牧师超正义
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