Don't worry, let me start a game first


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617 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Gu Yi

Novel Summary

Lin Qianxing traveled to another world and found that the game platform and plug-in platform were also traveling with him. After clearing the game, you will be able to obtain character template blessings. In "Climbing Shushan", he used the [Sky Step] plug-in to clear the level and gain the ability to jump infinitely. "Boy, you can't escape today even if you have wings." "I don't have wings, but I should be able to fly." In "The Romance of Flying Knives", he obtained the [Hidden Blade] plug-in, which allows him to have a constant number of 100 flying knives. He can hide the flying knives all over his body and automatically replenish them after use. The enemy looked at the flying knives falling like raindrops, and his expression was full of confusion: "How many flying knives does he have?" … Many years later, Lin Qianxing, who was already full of cheats, learned that the world was invaded by extraterrestrial demons? Waiting for him to save? Lin Qianxing: Don't worry, let me start a game first!


TitleDon't worry, let me start a game first
Raw Title别急,容我先开一局游戏
Addition DateOctober 12, 2023
AuthorGu Yi
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TagsGame Elements,Male Protagonist,System,Transmigration