Scholars in the courtyard


1377 Chapters
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1377 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Ba Ling A Tao

Novel Summary

Yang Xiaotao traveled through time, and still traveled to a world full of love in the courtyard. But because he was familiar with the plot, he preferred to call it Qinman Siheyuan. When I first arrived, I met Jia Dongxu getting married, but he actually died of injuries on the bed. The reason was that... they were beaten by the beasts in the yard, and that was how Yang Xiaotao traveled through time. Same name and surname, but different personalities. In this era of rapid advancement, in this courtyard full of animals, Yang Xiaotao is confused and sad. Fortunately, there are many standard features for time travellers, and the "Happy Learning System" is slowly turned on.


TitleScholars in the courtyard
Raw Title四合院里的读书人
Addition DateDecember 22, 2023
AuthorBa Ling A Tao
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Monthly Rank#1141
All Time Rank#2059
TagsMale Protagonist,System,Time Travel,Transmigration