I Participated In the Show and Was Considered a SSS-class Fugitive


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639 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Author:Xiao Xiong Mao

Novel Summary

“Let you play the role of a jailbreaker. How long can you last under the full force of the world’s top inspectors and top hackers?” Qin Hao traveled through a parallel world and found himself participating in a national sensational education program on victimization prevention. The more days you run away, the more bonuses you get, up to 100 billion bonuses! Qin Hao has obtained the god-level prison escape system. As long as he operates and shows, he can obtain countless magical skills! “Ding, the host raised his middle finger to the inspector and obtained the god-level anti-investigation technique!” “Ding, the host attacked the inspection building and obtained god-level car skills!” “Ding, the host encountered a criminal gang and successfully infiltrated, and obtained the attributes of a suit thug!” Audience: “I suspect that Brother Hao is a prisoner himself, please investigate him as soon as possible!” The peak collision, the peak confrontation between strength and brain power, the world is shocked!


TitleI Participated In the Show and Was Considered a SSS-class Fugitive
Raw Title参加节目的我,被认为是SSS级逃犯(1-435)
Addition DateOctober 21, 2022
AuthorXiao Xiong Mao
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TagsEidetic Memory,Hackers,Hypnotism,Male Protagonist,Mercenaries,Misunderstandings,Multiple POV,Nationalism,Parallel Worlds,Prostitutes,Showbiz,Strong to Stronger,System,Transmigration,Transplanted Memories