The Rise Of The Tamer Family御兽世家的崛起

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399 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Xi Bo Li Ya Xue Qiao Quan

Novel Summary

The Yaoguang Realm expelled the foreign demons from the human race, and established the ninth-grade family and sect. At this point, the Yaoguang Realm came to an era ruled by the family and the sect. The ninth rank rules a city, the eighth rank rules a county, the seventh rank rules a state, the sixth rank rules a country… Chen Yang came through with He Daozhu, cultivated a powerful bloodline monster, raised the farm, and led the Chen family to become the current saint.


TitleThe Rise Of The Tamer Family
Raw Title御兽世家的崛起
Addition DateSeptember 13, 2022
AuthorXi Bo Li Ya Xue Qiao Quan
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TagsGod Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Monster Tamer,Transmigration