All Heavens: Invincible from the Great Xuanhuang World


1160 Chapters
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1160 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Ai Mei Zhi Qiu

Novel Summary

In the big world of "Eternal Life", people travel through all the heavens and realms. Covering the Heaven Realm, I am the Lord of Taixuan. In the perfect world, I am the Lord of the Divine Court. In the wilderness world, I am the Taoist ancestor of the three realms. … Covering the sky with perfection, swallowing the stars. The Buddha is originally in the wilderness, and he is the only emperor. Walking in the heavens, invincible in the heavens! This is the story of Fang Yu's journey from eternal life to conquering the heavens.


TitleAll Heavens: Invincible from the Great Xuanhuang World
Raw Title诸天:从玄黄大世界开始无敌
Addition DateDecember 25, 2023
AuthorAi Mei Zhi Qiu
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All Time Rank#984
TagsCalm Protagonist,Family,Male Protagonist,Unlimited Flow