The Witch of Zongwang: From Azeroth to the Classic of Mountains and Seas


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1739 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Yi Shang Qiu Zhe

Novel Summary

"First, let's take a small bottle of devil essence..." As Yi Xia spoke, he took out a small bottle of Coke from his stall and poured it into the crucible in front of him. Behind the scenes, comments such as "unimagined road" and "outrageous" appeared on the mobile phone screen fixed nearby. Yi Xia added a plant called "Grom's Blood". Of course, some people in the barrage call it the name that is more frequently used in the local area-"Chunya". As the plants fell in, the liquid in the crucible seemed to have added special effects. The original black liquid filled with unknown bubbles gradually turned into a creepy green... "It's pigment, he added pigment in it!" "It seems more appetizing than bitter melon juice?" "So Gul'dan, what's the price?" The barrage began to move wildly, but Yi Xia had already spoken. He lay comfortably on his recliner and looked at all kinds of passers-by outside. The sun was shining brightly, and there was a certain sweet smell in the air. Is it milk tea? Or big white legs? Yi Xia squinted her eyes. The sun above her head was round like a tempting pie. You can't eat this... Yi Xia licked her lips subconsciously. There seemed to be remnants of a certain star still there... This is the story of a witch...


TitleThe Witch of Zongwang: From Azeroth to the Classic of Mountains and Seas
Raw Title综网的巫:从艾泽拉斯吃到山海经
Addition DateDecember 29, 2023
AuthorYi Shang Qiu Zhe
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TagsFemale Protagonist,Game Elements,Magic,Witches