Star Rail: people on the train, working from 9 to 5


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151 Chapters · 16 Readers
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[Honkai Star Rail fanfic, relaxed, invincible, self-disciplined] Zhou Xiao traveled to the world of Star Dome Railway and became a logistics staff of Star Dome Railway. He also obtained a self-discipline system. As long as he disciplines himself every day, he can get random rewards. Be self-disciplined for a year and be submissive. Looking at Zhou Xiao's figure who was cooking on the train, Ji Zi thought calmly in her heart: Well, this logistician on our train is extraordinary... After ten years of self-discipline, my waist will be straight. Looking at Zhou Xiao who was wiping a knife at the back of the train, Ji Zi raised her eyebrows and thought: Zhou Xiao is the most powerful combat force on our train... A hundred years of self-discipline, a flying dragon riding on your face. Looking up at the frail figure competing against the Star God in the universe, Ji Zi looked solemn: At first, no one cared about how powerful Zhou Xiao, the logistics worker, was until he and the Star God were at odds...


  • Star Rail: people on the train, working from 9 to 5
  • 星穹铁道:人在列车,朝九晚五(全本)
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