He angrily yelled at his brother on the spot, does this commentator no longer want to do it?


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475 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Qing Yi Ran Xue

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Traveling through a parallel world, Chen Ke became an official LPL commentator. After activating the system on the commentator's desk, Chen Ke began to only play real games. Looking at the game screen, a certain AD player suddenly died suddenly and gave away a big blow, leading to a comeback. Chen Ke couldn't help it: "To be honest, there are people on Taobo who don't want to win." "With both moves in hand, I can be instantly defeated. I can press this wave to flash." "As expected of Q Dirty Dancing, even Q can eat it." "I don't even need to lose face. If we continue like this, we will lose to Vietnam." As soon as he finished speaking, the whole audience was shocked and the barrage exploded. The commentary partner did not dare to answer the phone throughout the whole process, and the director was so frightened that he almost pinched the microphone on the spot. Brother's fans stopped after hearing this. After violently blasting Chen Ke immediately after the game, they realized that Chen Ke was not targeting his brother. He would criticize anyone he caught. "One person eats four lanes, and there is zero output in a team battle?" "If you dare to catch me on the road, you dare to die. Timely Rain lives up to its reputation!" "Who voted for this damn FMVP? Emperor Chi is your father?" "You don't have to worry about contract issues when you go to RNG. RNG never gets stuck with pens!" "..." Fans: "This kid is so loud when he opens his mouth. Is he going to die?"


TitleHe angrily yelled at his brother on the spot, does this commentator no longer want to do it?
Raw Title当场怒喷哥哥,这解说不想干了?
Addition DateNovember 7, 2023
AuthorQing Yi Ran Xue
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Tagse-Sports,Male Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,System,Transmigration