Iron Powder and Spellcaster


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585 Chapters · 28 Readers
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Novel Summary

Is magic really just a wish machine? No, in a universe where magic truly existed, magic would be as simple and beautiful as the laws of physics. This is the story of a mass-produced magic war tool man who learned the ultimate nature of magic. But so what? Just like a bird can fly without understanding aerodynamics, a magician does not need to understand its nature to use magic. Knowing the ultimate nature of magic also does not mean that the tool man can transform into a great magician. But the desire for knowledge is human instinct, and curiosity is the first driving force of human civilization. Even if it is magic that should have no reason at all, humans still hope to understand its inner operating rules. Exploring the ultimate nature of magic requires no reason! The story in the book takes place in a parallel universe where the social environment is approximately the 16th century of our universe. However, due to a bit of a butterfly effect, the continents and oceans of this planet are different from our geographical environment. Here, muskets are on the rise, but armor has not yet come to an end. Military theories are changing with each passing day, and innovations in systems and craftsmanship are endless. And this world has one more thing than ours: magic. The world is undergoing earth-shaking changes, and no one can stay out of it.


  • Iron Powder and Spellcaster
  • 钢铁火药和施法者
Addition DateJanuary 5, 2024
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TagsIndustrialization,Leadership,Magic,Male Protagonist,Modern Knowledge,Sword And Magic,Transmigration,Wars