I build the Black Shadow Corps in Douluo


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376 Chapters · 62 Readers
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After taking Ice Fire Immortal Grass, the shadow martial soul awakens for the second time and has the ability to build a black shadow army. When the nine black shadow armies are assembled, I am afraid that not only the Douluo Star will fall into ultimate darkness, but the Douluo God Realm will also be unable to escape. The dark demon evil tiger sacrificed and awakened the second martial spirit tiger soul. The more he used it, the more evil he became, and the more he fought, the more ferocious he became. He could swallow up the sky and destroy the earth with one sword, split mountains and seas, and even the gods had to avoid its sharp edge. When Lu Haoli stepped on the Dark Demon Tiger and came to the God Realm with countless shadow troops behind him, the God Realm finally ushered in the ultimate darkness.


  • I build the Black Shadow Corps in Douluo
  • 我在斗罗打造黑影兵团
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