After the Full-Level Boss Entered the Infinite Game By Mistake满级大佬误入无限游戏后

402 Chapters
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402 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Mu Bai

Novel Summary

Bai Lixin was caught in a strange game. [Ding! Welcome players to the immersive escape game.] [Ding! Let’s begin the luck detection. The luck will be linked to the player’s copy selection.] As the other players’ tests were A,B,B..the detection system slowly pulsed on Bai Lixin’s head. [Ding! Congratulations player; your luck is F-, and the universe deems you unlucky!] [Ding! Congratulations to the player. You have obtained the special title – “God of Bad Luck” (unique).] Bai Lixin: “???” Congratulations? Where’s the joy in that? Soon after, the players trapped in the escape game found that there was an incredibly beautiful but tragic player in the game. The face is unbelievable, the strength is unbeatable, but the luck is so bad that the copy he gets either has a bug or is a horror S level. Just when everyone thought that the little beauty would certainly die, he broke through countless levels and embarked on the road to immortality. . . Bai Lixin, the full-level boss, mistakenly strayed into a strange game to find his husband. Later, he found that his old attacker had become all kinds of bosses in the copy and these big bosses were most often not human. A water body, true ancestor of the vampire clan, an undead knight, a dragon…. Well, he had to admit that each had its own advantages


TitleAfter the Full-Level Boss Entered the Infinite Game By Mistake
Raw Title满级大佬误入无限游戏后
Addition DateSeptember 15, 2022
AuthorMu Bai
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