I wield a sword at Hogwarts


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862 Chapters · 66 Readers
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Author:Nan Shan Dou Xi

Novel Summary

The most unlike Slytherin. There is a saying in the Slytherin common room, "The little wizard who disobeys will be eaten by the Night Stalker." He is the master of the stars that shines at Hogwarts, the Night Stalker who is feared by his enemies. The glory made him the pride of Slytherin. When the Dark Lord arrived, he said those words, "Weapons, I need a lot of weapons." With a staff in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, everyone would shout for him: "Damn the Sorting Hat, is this Slytherin?" When the stars return to Hogwarts, John Wick's light will shine on the entire wizarding world.


TitleI wield a sword at Hogwarts
Raw Title我在霍格沃茨抡大剑(全本)
Addition DateFebruary 7, 2024
AuthorNan Shan Dou Xi
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TagsMagic,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities,Transmigration,Harry Potter