Give Douluo a little technological shock


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425 Chapters · 30 Readers
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The new book "The Ring of Return to Ruins" is being prepared for collection! [Dou Er][Peerless Tang Sect] The expansion of the underlying force is the decisive force that drives civilization forward! Scientific researchers were reborn in Douluo Continent, awakened microscopic matter to control martial souls, and set off a real craze for soul tools in this brand new world. ... "Tang San, why did you become a god!!!" - Kraken Moon. ... "Everyone, a new era is coming, and any existence that hinders the development of the era will be crushed!" "So, please follow me and overturn this dirty world!" "So, please follow me, and I will take you to climb the divine road again!" - Chen Fu, the Lord of the Sword Pavilion, the Sword Holder, and the Supreme Executive Officer of Star Dou. … "The Ninth United Fleet obeys the order and crushes them for the sake of the mother planet!" … The time traveler does not need plug-ins, because the time traveler itself is a plug-in. The current progress of "Douluo 2" is basically completed → "Douluo 1" parallel plane → "The Ring of Return to Ruins"


  • Give Douluo a little technological shock
  • 给斗罗一点科技震撼
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