My Sea Creature Can Evolve Infinitely


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183 Chapters · 30 Readers
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In the endless ocean world, there are nine bright moons hanging. The far north ocean is covered with ice for thousands of miles, and there are large baleen whales. The whales swallow the sea to give birth to the sun and the moon. The endless Atlantic ocean is hidden with dragon-tailed basalts. The shells turn into giant islands and become land and rivers. In the paradise of ancient trees in the south, the immortal bird sleeps and incarnates as a giant tree floating on the sea to support a world. In the ancient sea of true dragons in the East, there is a white-feathered dragon king who patrols the four seas and all the worlds day and night. The spirit of the sea controls all the beasts in the four seas. This is an endless sea that belongs to the strong, and only the strongest beast masters can swim in it! Mo Bai gets the divine pet evolution system. Start a contract with a sharp tooth fish and start upgrading, evolving, and alienating...!


  • My Sea Creature Can Evolve Infinitely
  • 我的海兽能无限进化
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