The Day of the Draw at Hogwarts在霍格沃茨抽卡的日子

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741 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Ha Da Di

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“One more round of ten rounds! This time I must draw Professor McGonagall’s Animagus!” Draw a card! Cash out! Who is it? “I am the great astrologer – Trelawney!” 【Divination +1】 Excited tears welled up from the corners of Tom’s eyes. Facing the magnificent magical world, Tom deeply felt that the power of Muggles was limited, so he decided to shout out that sentence: I’m not a muggle anymore!


TitleThe Day of the Draw at Hogwarts
Raw Title在霍格沃茨抽卡的日子
Addition DateAugust 22, 2022
AuthorHa Da Di
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TagsAcademy,Game Elements,Gangs,Handsome Male Lead,Magic,Magic Beasts,Skill Assimilation,Special Abilities,Weak to Strong,System Administrator,Male Protagonist