Versatile Mage: Imperial Dragon Emperor


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618 Chapters · 26 Readers
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This book is also known as "The Young Dragon-Winged Boy Will Not Meet the Vicious Lolita School Girl", "The Enemy of the Dragon-Training Family", "The Man Grand Duke Irene Will Never Get", "The True Dragon Knight", "Dimension" "Dragon Master", "All-French Dragon Priest"... Lin Yi, who caught up with the mission of traveling through the bureau, unexpectedly came to the world of full-time mage. In this world full of crises, even though Lin Yi knew the plot, he was facing a real world. Is the Black Church really the ultimate darkness? Will the situation between humans and demons lead to destruction, or... What exactly is the power of demons? What did the angels hide in the Holy City? The gears of fate have long been combined. Lin Yi, who pursues power, responds to him by the ancient dragon that is regarded as a disaster in Monster Hunting, the Sky Comet Dragon known as the Silver-Winged Evil Star, the former Elden Ring King, Dragon King Platon Sanks.... (Single heroine Lingling, no other heroines will be added later, Lingling is a true love fanヽ(*?з`*)?)


  • Versatile Mage: Imperial Dragon Emperor
  • 全职法师之御天龙帝
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