The Reborn Noble Daughter


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513 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Feng Jinyao never expected that she would be reborn ten years ago after a fire. At that time, she was still the sweetheart of the whole family, her parents were happy, her brother and sister-in-law were in harmony. And she has not yet become engaged to her fiancé, who has a human face and an animal heart. But she knew that the calm in front of her was all an illusion. Storms were coming, the building was about to collapse, her parents who loved her would not die well, the bodies of her brothers who loved her were hard to find, and even her grandfather Bai’s family could not escape the bad luck. Feng Jinyao vowed to protect the safety of Feng and Bai’s family in this life! then…… My father, who was supposed to be dead, had a smooth official career in this life and was promoted to the position of Minister of the Ministry of Household Affairs, becoming a close minister of His Majesty. The eldest brother who was supposed to die tragically in another place became a third-rank official at a young age in this life and won the praise of hundreds of officials. The second brother who was supposed to die in depression unexpectedly became a prostitute and entered the cabinet… Even the Seventeenth Emperor’s Uncle, who was supposed to have nothing to do with her, actually got close to her!


  • The Reborn Noble Daughter
  • 重生之清贵嫡女
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