Sister's training method is not scientific


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The heroine has a rare spiritual root that is rare in a thousand years. She is the least qualified of the five spiritual roots. In order to practice, she became the heroine's maid in her previous life. result. When the heroine cries, she gets scolded; The heroine is injured and she is punished; The heroine falls in love and she dies tragically. Very good, she quits the cannon fodder role! Yun Jin, the fast travel boss, has returned to the original starting point of his life. This time, she has a super simplified system in her hand. All male and female protagonists should get out of here. Requirements for entry into the Qinglian Sword Canon: Innate sword body, superb understanding, qualifications require Tianlinggen After the system is simplified. Yunjin version of Qinglian Sword Canon: slash one hundred times every day. Requirements for entry into the Yin and Yang Secret Book: Possess excellent Yin and Yang spiritual roots, and understand the artistic conception of Yin and Yang. After the system is simplified. , Yunjin version of Yin and Yang secrets: after sunbathing every day, remember to bask in the moon Yun Jin lay down, his cultivation soaring all the way. The heroine condescendingly said: Yun Jin, you are so lazy, how can you increase your cultivation? Why don't you come and be my maid, and I'll reward you with some pills. In order to make the heroine no longer annoying, Yun Jin could only beat away the male protagonist, the heroine, and all the male supporting characters who doted on the heroine. In this life, she will achieve enlightenment and ascend, and no one can stop her. The day when Yun Jin ascended. Thousands of rays of light, heaven and earth come to congratulate you. Everyone: "???" We were promised a cannon fodder female supporting role, why is she invincible?


  • Sister's training method is not scientific
  • 师妹的修炼方法它不科学
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