Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration


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655 Chapters · 47 Readers
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Author:Gui Jia Ma Sheng

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Eat a meal, the state of fullness acts on oneself [Satisfaction: Regain physical strength by 1 point per minute, continue to ∞] Never have to eat anymore Put a piece of talisman paper on the body, and the magical action of Jiama acts on itself [Jia Ma Shen Xing: Increase the movement speed by 1000%, continue to ∞] Knock a medicine to increase the soul, temper the body, nourish the soul, and prolong life. . . Act on oneself, eat one tube for life. The secret technique garbage that broke out for three seconds of weakness for three years? No, that is the strongest magical skill! Feel the long rhyme of waiting for a thousand years? No, it spins around me every day! I am me, a male god who transforms moments into eternity→_→. . .


TitleCultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration
Raw Title修仙!我的增益状态没有时限
Addition DateSeptember 16, 2022
AuthorGui Jia Ma Sheng
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